Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hello. This is my first blog here on blogger. Just testing the waters. For history's sake, I guess I should mention that Barack Obama was just elected president last night. More on that later, I suppose.

Hmmm.... what else?

I've decided rather quickly to name this blog HELLMOUTH. You know, like the Visio Tnugdali? I was looking for some Hieronymous Bosch paintings and came across some really neat looking toys. Rather expensive toys. They blurbed a little tidbit about Bosch's royal carnivorous bird in Garden of Earthly Delights being influenced by the Visio Tnugdali. Of course, they spelled it wrong. But luckily I found the title translated into Icelandic. Icelandic! See! Hah hah hah! It was easy!

Anyways. It is also known as the Vision of Tundale. And there is the (apparently) very famous Getty Les Visions du chevalier Tondal illuminated manuscript by Simon Marmion which features an especially cool painting of Hellmouth. So there you go.

Obviously, blogging is going to be a psychiatric necessity.

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