Sunday, November 9, 2008


Its Sunday, and there is not a whole lot to write about. My PC just about exploded so I have been at the mercy of friends and relatives. Thanks Teri. Thanks Dad. What better to do on a Sunday night than google yourself?
Anyways, apparently Hellmouth has something to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just to clear things up, despite my popularity with wiccans, bisexuals, and LARPing enthusiasts, I have never been a fan. How bourgeois. But I do enjoy horror. I'm thinking about taking a stab at Bram Stoker's Dracula. Strange ethnography in the beginning. Strange because that was pretty much the first thing that fascinated me about that whole area of Romania. Crazy Castles! The history of Romania is really something else. Have you ever heard of a Hunger Circus? Ceausescu wanted to create large stadium-like complexes where people would grow food in the center and work and live in the outer ring. Only, due to the famine created by massive debt owed to the United States (I miss the Cold War), all the food had to be shipped out to feed everybody else. So... everybody starved. Hence, the "agro-alimentary complex" became the better-known "hunger circus". Romania was the only US backed communist country in Europe during the Cold War. Talk about reaching across the aisle! Coincidentally, it is also the only communist dictatorship in Europe to end in a bloody democratic coup. The hunger circuses were later developed into shopping malls. Then the vampires really came out.

Back on the subject of Dracula, check out some of these stories about Vlad the Impaler. Got to love the titles. "Story of a Blood Thirsty Madman Called Dracula of Wallachia". The great thing about classical art revisiting the same themes over and over again is that you, yes you, might one day portrayed as Pontius Pilate.

I'll admit, I'm jealous. CRAZY CASTLES!

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