Thursday, November 6, 2008


Its official. Rham Emanuel is going to be Obama's new Chief of Staff and the republicans are freaking out. This is throwing a small bone to the conservative wing of the Democratic party but I think it should be taken as good news for anybody hoping the next four years will realign American policy to the left. Rhambo might just be the partisan hack we need to get stuff done. Obama's Dick Cheney.

On a more comforting note, it seems that choosing a tough Chief of Staff should restore the constitutional impotence of the vice presidency. When Cheney weaseled his way into Bush's number two spot, he knew the operations he wanted to take over were the jobs James Baker was doing as 41's Chief of Staff. Nobody is going to "Andy-Card" Rahm Emanuel. A competent White House staff should be able to keep the (more than likely) bipartisan cabinet in check and avoid the kind of ridiculous mistakes that compounded the Iraqi disaster.

On that note, what kind of shenanigans do you think he's learning about at the National Security briefing? Do you think he's pull a Kruchev? If only...

P.S. Hah! Did anyone notice that youtube video of Emanuel for VP suddenly dissapeared? You know, the one where Durbin says that if Rahm had shot somebody on a hunting trip nobody would be calling it an accident? How truly bizarre... what timing!


D.J. said...

Who is Rham Emanuel?

Anthony D. Cox said...

Rham Emanuel is a conservative Democrat. Clinton insider. So much for change you can believe in. But it seems to me there is probably a good cop/bad cop strategy at work. And Emanuel is a real bad cop. He's the one that called Cheney's bluff when he said he wasn't part of the exec branch and moved to pull his funding. He has a tendancy to drop F-bombs. His middle name is Israel. Literally. To quote the previously mentioned dissapearing 'Emanuel for Vice President' video, "He is one heart beat away from having a heart."

In other words, the Anti-Obama.

Nothing I would usually be too excited about. However, the idea of sending the werewolves out after the last steaming scraps of the GOP just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling after eight years of... well... you remember.

Bon Appetit!

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