Sunday, February 12, 2012

eBay Taxidermy

Dr. SEUSS Unorthodox Taxidermy, circa 1938

Do yourself a favor and look up taxidermy on eBay. For most insane results, list highest price first. There's a lot more of those Dr. Seuss trophies, by the way.

Where better to place half a coffee table than on the skinned husk of a majestic royal beast?

There's always money in the shark stand.

Come for the meat furniture, stay for the awkward racial politics.

I'll leave you with this. Vintage lifelike goat wiggles ear, shakes head. Eerily realistic. Taxidermy?

Thursday, February 2, 2012


If you did not know, a beeowep is when cartoon logic suddenly becomes manifest in the real world. This is sort of a national anthem/mating call for my best friends.

Last night, at 8:09 CST, Rachel Maddow beeowept.

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Actually it was more of a doowip, but she's a California girl.